Estimation of the property market in Spain for 2017, was made by

our head, lawyer Diego Agüera San Martín.

In June 2016, the head of our company Mr. Diego Agüera San Martín, took part in the First International  Networking - Lawyers Congress in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the participation of lawyers from the countries of the European Union, Asia and Latin America.

The Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation acted as an official partner of the congress. As a result of his participation in the Congress, Mr. Diego had the opportunity to present our company to lawyers from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as many other companies that are related to international business and international relations in general.

One of these companies, engaged in real estate market valuation in Moscow, turned to Mr. Diego with various questions related to the analysis of the growth of the real estate market in Spain and he kindly answered the questions.

Below, we bring to your attention the answers to the questions asked by the lawyer.

We remind that our company Home & Law provides a wide range of services not only in the legal field, but also in the real estate market, investment projects, business development in the South of Spain and attracting investors to targeted investment projects.

We will provide you with professional assistance if you wish to buy property in Spain, buy property in Marbella and the Costa del Sol from the very beginning of the process of selecting real estate objects and to its final part, processing all legal processes and obtaining a contract of sale personally by new owners.



Currently, the Berkshire Advisory group in the interest of Real Estate journal performs marketing research on the topic: Which countries for buying real estate will be popular in 2017?

Based on the dynamics of demand of Russians to foreign real estate in 2016, we see Spain as one of the TOP-10 countries to which Russian investors demonstrate the interest.

Could you give us your brief evaluation of the dynamics of prices for apartments and villas in Spain a forecast of changes in prices in 2017 and why?

We would be very grateful if you could confirm/refute our preliminary forecast that we have done after analyzing prices for Spain real estate, which presented in the Moscow real estate agencies in section "overseas property", namely:
The average cost of 1 sq. m. apartment is 4200 EUR/m2,  in 2016 prices have increased to 4 %. The profitability of real estate is around 3,5 % per year.


In response to your email and answering your questions, I come to confirm that the evolution of prices of houses and villas in Spain for the year 2017, will increase by around 4% and the average profitability is around 3.5 %.
The main real estate operators and Rating Agencies, such as BBVA, Bankia, Banco Sabadell or Standars & Poor's, confirm the upward trend in prices in the aforementioned proportion, making Spain one of the most attractive countries for the realization Of real estate investments.
As to the reasons justifying such price developments, we can point out the following:
1.- The stabilization and creation of Employment in Spain after the overcoming of the crisis suffered in recent times.
2.-. The low cost of financing real estate products, with low mortgage rates at around 2%.
3.- Foreign demand in the acquisition of real estate, which has grown by around 10% in recent years, as foreigners buy three times as many homes as in 2009.
4.- Profitability against alternative investments. The average profitability stands at 4%.
5.- Cultural trend towards the purchase of property in Spain
6.- Perspective of growth of the real estate activity, since the stoks of houses are being reduced and therefore, the construction of newly constructed houses is gradually growing, which supposes an increase of the price of the value of the ground.


Finally, add that the price per square meter of housing is not 4.200.- Euros m2, but is 1,500 Euros m2; However, in the Premium areas, Coastal and tourist zones and, above all, Madrid and Barcelona, yes, the price of the square meter can be around 4200.- Euros the m2.



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